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13-Oct-2017 15:53

That was quite the slap in the face, though I doubt she intended the remark to hurt as it did.Her comment was based on assumptions and ignorance: there must be something wrong with those of us that haven't been "chosen" a second time, there must be something lacking in us if we couldn't sustain our previous marriage, and marriage (in many circles) is still the measure of a woman's success in life. For example, the persistent question of marital status at social gatherings.But isn't the White Knight Syndrome part of the flawed fairy tale of marriage in the first place?Personally, I'm tired of being sized up, packaged up, or sliced up and diced up -- and usually, by other women.Then again, maybe your baggage includes the crazy ex and more drama than you're worth.

My words elicited the following response: "Maybe you aren't cut out for marriage." Ouch again!You're out of the (marriage) club, and you can't get back in. Again," Laurie Essig, Ph D writes: Despite [the] trend toward a more familial and friendly divorce, divorce is increasingly seen as a sign of bad parenting and psychological failure among many Americans, especially educated and upper-middle class Americans...